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Randall Feingold, M.D. - Aesthetic Plastic Surgery    Great Neck, NY

Randall S. Feingold, M.D., founding and managing partner of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, P.C., is a plastic surgeon practicing in Long Island, New
York since 1994. Dr. Feingold is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and specializes in aesthetic surgery of the face, breast and
body as well as post-mastectomy breast reconstruction.

Dr. Feingold, a renowned expert in breast reconstruction and microsurgery, utilizes all of the most advanced techniques to provide the most elegant
solution possible for each patient. He has been an early leader in offering and refining natural tissue breast reconstruction including DIEP, SIEA,
TUG and GAP flaps in breast cancer and BRCA gene mutation patients. He also frequently sees patients referred for flap reconstruction to improve
upon unsatisfactory attempts at implant reconstruction. Dr. Feingold also offers the full spectrum of implant-based options including the one-step
direct-to-implant technique, form-stable implants and the latissimus dorsi flap. Patient satisfaction has earned Dr. Feingold ten Patient’s Choice
Awards since 2008. For his leadership in this field, Dr. Feingold was honored by the American Cancer Society with their 2007 Physician of
Distinction Award and serves on the Board of Directors for the American Cancer Society Eastern Division.

Dr. Feingold is a co-founder of
BreastReconstruction.org, a comprehensive web resource for women facing mastectomy. He has lectured on and
presented innovative techniques in breast reconstruction at international, national and regional meetings, and has written multiple articles published
in peer-reviewed journals as well as textbook and atlas chapters. Techniques that he has pioneered include minimally-invasive approach to DIEP
harvest, bipedicle DIEP flaps in the thin abdomen, volume augmentation of the deficient DIEP flap, and volume correction after partial mastectomy
(lumpectomy) using the DIEP flap. He was a Principal Investigator in the national Adjunct Study that resulted in FDA approval in 2006 of cohesive
silicone gel-filled implants. Dr. Feingold is currently editing a new textbook in comprehensive breast reconstruction for publication in 2016.

Dr. Feingold is the medical director of our AAAASF-certified state-of-the-art office surgical suite. He performs innovative cosmetic procedures
including minimally invasive browlifts, SMAS facelifts, short-scar and mini-facelifts, transconjunctival blepharoplasty, Erbium laser eyelid and facial
resurfacing, open rhinoplasty and septoplasty, otoplasty and VASER ultrasonic liposuction. He has extensive experience with silicone gel breast
augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction and abdominoplasty. He performs body contouring procedures for patients who have undergone weight
loss (bariatric) surgery including arm-lifts (brachioplasty), circumferential lower body lifts and thigh lifts. His patients have enjoyed success with fat
grafting after Vaser liposuction, a process he calls "redistribution of your assets". This use of viable fat harvested from liposuction allows restoring
facial proportion and lip volume, breast augmentation without implants, and high definition gluteal scultping/augmentation. Dr. Feingold also utilizes
injectable therapies for nonsurgical rejuvenation including Botox Cosmetic for forehead wrinkles, frown lines and crow's feet, Restylane and
Juvederm XC for nasolabial folds and lip lines, Juvederm Voluma XC and Radiesse for cheekbone enhancement, and Sculptra Aesthetic. He
coordinates patient care in consultation with our Aesthetician to determine the best combination of treatment modalities to maximize results and
minimize downtime. These include noninvasive CoolSculpting fat reduction, VASER Shape body contouring and Invasix radiofrequency skin
Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, PC
Great Neck Location
833 Northern Blvd Ste 160
Great Neck, NY 11021
(516) 498-8400
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Denton Watamull, MD    Breast Reconstruction after Mastectomy patient testimonial
Dr. Barry M. Weintraub, MD, FACS
New York

As a top plastic surgeon in NYC, Dr. Weintraub’s philosophy is less is more. “Results should be conservative and understated with a keen eye
toward natural beauty,” he explains. He practices in New York City and East Hampton and specializes in high quality, detailed cosmetic plastic
surgery of the face and body, employing cutting-edge approaches to treatments. Dr. Weintraub uses the latest minimally invasive, non-
surgical and short-incision techniques to provide the maximum benefit to his patients. For example, Dr. Weintraub performs facial plastic
surgery by gently suspending tissues and restoring the lost volume of youth with fat transplantation, rather than using unnaturally tight skin
traction. In plastic surgery of the nose, Dr. Weintraub employs the newest techniques in structural manipulation of cartilage that produce
beautifully graceful contours and natural profiles. In post pregnancy tummy tucks, he uses tedious corset placation to create the natural
beauty and small waist of a youthful abdomen. As a meticulous New York plastic surgeon with Ivy League credentials, Dr. Weintraub is often
consulted on difficult cases since his skill set and expertise make him comfortable with every level of challenge.

Dr. Weintraub and his staff offer you a warm welcome and invite you to discuss your concerns in a comfortable and educational environment.

Member, American Society of Plastic Surgeons
Member, American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
Fellow, American College of Surgeons
Member, New York Regional Society of Plastic Surgeons
800A Fifth Avenue, Street Level at 61st Street
New York, NY 10065

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